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‘Katiyabaaz’ Official Trailer – A Reality Of Stealing Electricity Released


Did you ever face a reality of stealing electricity? No,,? So just have a glance on the trailer of “Katiyabaaz” which is an upcoming movie that actually depicts a flash back of issues of electricity in India. Along with the directions of Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa the movie is about to release on 22nd of August 2014.

Protruding on the reality of Stealing Electricity the movie creates an unexplainable attraction towards it, however if we talk about the trailer then the locales which are being highlighted specially the mesh of electric wires really magnifies the viewers to watch it, the movie revolves around the reality of “Kanpur” how a common man “Katiyabaaz” steals the electricity and the consequences are actually facing the innocent people, ultimately resulting into heavy load shedding. The trailer also depicts that how a common man is dragged as a culprit for stealing electricity even though he’s not. Highlighting this crucial topic the movie has already cached some huge response from the viewers let’s see can it really makes a difference in the collection of box office or not.

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