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Kashmera Shah feels that fights between Divya Agarwal & Pratik Sehajpal are Planned in Bigg Boss OTT

Two of the competitors have been stealing the show since the first episode of Bigg Boss OTT premiered, with their fights. Divya Agarwal and Pratik Sahejpal, who previously worked together on the reality show ‘Ace Of Space Season 1,’ had been at odds since they first met on the show’s grand debut. Divya, on the other hand, claimed that she used to call him her brother while discussing her prior connection with him.

Pratik and Divya got into a heated debate about who should do what in the kitchen. It quickly escalated to the point where they were both hurling insults at each other.

Pratik and Divya later clashed again during the division of cooking responsibilities, with the actress walking away and shouting, “You got popularity because of Varun Sood and me.” The actress was subsequently dubbed “fake” by Sehajpal.

Kashmera Shah, who was a contestant on Bigg Boss 1 and was one of the challengers on Bigg Boss 14, has described their confrontations as “planned.” Kashmera stated in a tweet that these battles are not genuine.

After watching the first episode, Kashmera Shah tweeted, “Saw the first episode after watching a lot of the 24 hours live too. Somehow I feel that #PratikSehajpal and #DivyaAgarwal fights look very learned and thought of by these two people. I don’t see the authenticity in it yet.”

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