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Karishma Kapoor Calls Ex Husband & Boyfriend in her kid’s Birthday Grand Party

Karishma Kapoor Calls Ex Husband & Boyfriend


If you check the latest with Karishma Kapoor, she has been away from B Town busy in her family responsibilities. Just recently, she was seen throwing a huge party on the eve of her daughter’s birthday in Mumbai. In this party, a number of celebrities from B Town and other domains along with the entire Kapoor Khandaan were present. As per the sources, the party also witnessed the ex-husband of the Karishma Sanjay Kapoor who was there forgetting all the sour memories, while Karishma’s boyfriend Sandip Toshniwal was also present.

 Both Sanjay and Sandip though got the chance to face eachother but they didn’t speak to each other for the obvious reasons. Both the daughter and son have their birthday with a difference of one day, while we saw their father wishing both the son and daughter on their birthday by posting pictures on Instagram. Though the couple – Karishma and Sanjay Kapoor has been away from each other due to their bad relationship but they make sure they give all the happiness to their kids. The two had got married in the year 2003. Soon things started turning bad and she left her husband’s home finally in 2010.

Karishma Kapoor – Sanjay Kapur
Karishma Kapoor – Sanjay Kapur

 Finally in 2016 the couple got divorced. Both the sisters have been present in the recent Conclave held by India Today. In fact she was speaking about herself saying that she has confined her live to her kids these days. She said after becoming mother she had turned matured apart from being self centered as well. She then said that she can spare time for her kids like going to shopping with them, giving pick and drop to her kids and spend more time without having any facilities like bodyguard and all. She then said she spends a normal homemaker life now. So, what you have to say about her current avatar of a homemaker, do comment.

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