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‘Karan Kundrra & Tejasswi Prakash shaadi nahi karenge toh chaata marunga dono ke munh pe’, Rajiv Adatia on Tejran

Rajiv Adatia and Ritesh got eliminated from Bigg Boss 15 house. After the elimination Rajiv got candid about a lot of things, he also spoke about Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s budding romance. 

Talking about Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s relationship, Rajiv Adatia said, “They have done so much romance in front of me na, that I’ve had enough of seeing romance. I’ve said please Bigg Boss, mere liye bhi koi bhej do. I was getting so jealous ki mere liye koi nahi hai ghar mein.” He further added that when Rashmi Desai enter the house he felt even more alone as Umar Riaz landed spending more time with her.

Rajiv further added, “They are so cute together. They are good people and they are very cute.” He added, “As a couple, they are very cute and I’m telling you I hope they get married. Itna pakkane ke baad shaadi toh hona hi chahiye. Mujhe itna pakaya ki shaadi nahi karenge toh chaata marunga dono ke munh pe. (They have been so romantic that they need to get married. After so much if they don’t get married now I’ll slap them across their face.)”

Speaking about Karan Kundra’s aggressive and possessive nature, Rajiv Adatia said, “He’s not that aggressive. Thoda aggression dhikhate hai task mein tab uski fatti. But possessive toh… Boyfriend nahi hoga toh kon hoga possessive? I wish someone was possessive about me.” Adding that he wishes he had someone like that in his life, the now eliminated Bigg Boss 15 contestant said, “Karan loves Teju and he is very close to her and possessive. Not only about Teju, but Umar also, about me also he was very possessive. But I find it cute. Be possessive, mujhe aacha lagta hai. He likes to be possessive.”

He concluded his answer saying, “Aur woh bolti hai ‘Aap kuch bolte nahi mujhe? Kya mai kuch aise kar rahi hu.’ She also likes him to be possessive.”

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