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Karan Johar’s Rocking Stand on Homophobia, States ‘I have a woman in me that makes me more of a man’

Arbaaz Khan has recently taken over a new online chat show Pinch that is taking up a number of Bollywood celebrities and their open opinions about life and other common things. Karan Johar was the next celebrity invited for the Arbaaz Khan’s online chat show. Answering some of the powerful punches Karan gave some of the best replies to certain mean questions asked on his social media account about his personality and the associated parenting skills.

The popular filmmaker Karan Johar, who himself is an awesome intrepid host and is world known for his fluency in his show, Koffee With Karan enjoyed his counterpart appearance on the hot seat with Arbaaz Khan. As per the concept of the show, the filmmaker was supposed to read and then also responded to the mean tweets against him.

Taking the first question on fierce desire, Karan read the user’s question, “Did you have a gender malfunction?” and gave a strong reply, “No. I was born a man, I am proud to be a man, I have a woman in me that makes me more of a man.”

Moving further, he continued the same vein and gave them back with full impact, “Initially, when I used to get it (online abuse), I used to deal with it by being upset and being angry but then I got into the state of indifference. And now I am in a state of glorious amusement.”

He nailed the final call saying, “You can talk about me, but don’t make it sound like I have a disease or something is wrong with me and I should shut up because you think I am gay. Then you should shut up because you have no life. That’s the way I look at it.”

Talking to Arbaaz, he clearly quoted that what pinched Karan the most was the troll about his babies. He said, “I am a little sensitive about my babies and when they start saying things about them that really bothers me.” Answering to another weird question asked by a user that how could he give the children “love of a mother, saying, “It’s the new age. How do you know that I don’t have a mother and a father in me that I can give my child the love of both parents.”

Further adding to his conclusive statement he said, “Conventionally the children are raised by a mother and a father and I get that. I am a single parent and it comes with its own set of challenges. But that doesn’t mean a man and a woman have different roles to play. I have enough love to give to my child and also I have a mother at home whom they call ‘mama’. I am co-parenting my children with my mother and I don’t think there can be a better relationship or a situation than that.”

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