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How Karan Johar patched up with Kajol

karan johar and kajol

We have been knowing about the difference between the top filmmaker Karan Johar and his old time friend Kajol. Thanks to his film clashing with the film of Kajol’s hubby that made the difference between the two since last Diwali. However, as per the latest buzz, we hear that there has been an attempt to patch by the filmmaker. We know him as a quirky host over his popular show called Koffee With Karan but just recently he was seen becoming a guest of actress Neha Dhupia on her show called No Filter Neha. He then was seen revealing a number of his secrets along with the way he has patched up with Kajol.

They have been good friends and he has even touched the topic of his difference with the lady in his book called An Unsuitable Boy. On the said show, the director said that he made his fight with Kajol in public. He later said that he should have sorted out the matter in person. He said that he did all such things in public by going a bit impulsive. He then shared the way he has settled things between him and the actress. He then said that his twins (Yash and Roohi) had played the peacemaker role between the two.

He said when his kids were born he texted the message to her old time friend Kajol and said that he wanted to share it before she comes to know from any other source or media and that she is free from not replying the message. He in his long message said that he woke up with his heavy heart and sent out the message of his kids expecting no reply from it. In a sense his twins played a good role in making things simple between the two old friends and that they are slowly and steadily getting back to normalcy.

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