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What Kapil Sharma has to say about the rumours of his argument with Navjot Singh Sidhu


Ever since Kapil Sharma has entered into the stardom, he has become the favorite child of controversies. The stand up comedian, who was seen making headlines this year over his mid-air fight with Sunil Grover, he is now back in the headlines but this time we hear about the alleged argument with the cricketer-turned-politician cum anchor Navjot Singh Sidhu. As he was seen asking Archana Puran Singh to join for few few episodes, rumours went on to have a fight between Kapil and Sidhu. The rift was primarily due to the fact that Sidhu was not happy with the fact that he is being replaced by the lady whom he didn’t like much.

However, when Kapil Sharma was posed the same question as to what happened between the two, he was simply seen refuting all such rumours and said that Sidhu has been lucky for him and that he would can never ever think of replacing Sidhu. Talking to the media, he said that there is barely any such issue and said that earlier Sidhu was not available and that he has called Raveena for the same and nothing has happened. This is nothing but rumors and it has no basis.

He then said that replacing Sidhu is out of question and that he feels lucky to shoot with him. He said that his plans to shoot anything with Sidhu is always there in his plan and never thought of replacing him. Talking about his other ventures, he is coming up with his movie soon and has released its trailer as well. So, with these words, the stand up comedian and actor seems to put end to all the rumors. Well, do you have to say about him and his news related to Sidhu, do let us know about the same by putting your comments as under.

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