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Kapil Sharma reveals the real reason behind why The Kapil Sharma Show was pulled off!

On World Spine Day, host Kapil Sharma revealed the actual reason behind why The Kapil Sharma Show went off air recalled the time when he was in immense unbearable pain due to which he had to forcefully wrap up his show. It all started when Kapil was spotted in a wheelchair at the airport and everyone got worried if something has happened to the comedian. 

He said, “It first happened in 2015. I did not know much back then, I was in the US at the time. I met a doctor and I was in a lot of pain, so the doctor gave me an epidural. I had relief from the pain but the root cause of the problem remained as it was. I then faced it again this January.”

Sharing details about his spine injury, Kapil revealed, “The thing with the spine is that it is the core of everything. Any problem in the spine means everything comes to a standstill. I had many plans, I had to stall and pull down my show off air because of my injury. Your behavior changes in such a scenario, you get irritated because you feel helpless. You can’t even get up from the bed. Then you are also told that you may gain weight because you are just lying on the bed. You are asked to go on a liquid…You are already in pain and then you are supposed to eat only salads, the pain doubles up. I faced all these, a lot of things.”

Earlier in February, he said in an interview, “I’m good, bus gym me thoda back injury ho gayi, it will be fine in a few days, thank you for the concern regards.”

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