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Kangana, Shahid & Saif Look Impressive in This Love Saga from World War 2 called Rangoon


One of the most awaited trailers of B Town movie is certainly Rangoon. Considering the fact that the film is based on the backdrop of World War II and has one of the finest star cast, the film by VIshal Bharadwaj happens to be the most awaited one for the sure. This is the first time for Saif Ali Khan to work with Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut and the former two have their first film after their wives gave birth to cute babies – Misha and Taimur Ali Khan. This makes Rangoon a very special one as the duo claim that they are excited about the same.

The basic plot of the film is the love triangle in the war stricken zone. As you check the trailer, one can call the same to be a complete musical feel and the trailer of Rangoon is even spaced when it comes to the three actors showing off their elements. Kangana Ranaut will be an instantly gain praises for her bold avatar as Julia, who is not only hot but also seductive especially when she says “Bloody Hell”. She gets the punch lines here and hence makes a great impact with it.

Saif Ali Khan with his tangible performance subtly makes his presence felt as the peer of the realm in the British India. You get to feel the impact with his possessive dialogue, “You’re Julia, my Julia” is a brilliant glimpse of what to expect from his character. The third wheel in the film’s story is also, Shahid Kapoor’s Nawab Malik who is earthier than seen in any other film. He plays dirty role in it and that’s what makes a beautiful maiden like Julia fall in love for him. The confrontational scene between Saif and Shahid looks absolutely entertaining.

The dialogues you find here are taut and the presentation simply looks impressive with the big set up of the pre-independence era. The VFX effects in the film have been used for the war scenes and they look quite average. One can find a Broadway musical feel to this official trailer. In other words, one can find the trailer of the film Rangoon looks like a heady mix of love, war, politics and history which thanks to Vishal Bhardwaj’s skills and expertise that keeps away his films not the massy affair. For those who trust in the director’s vision, Rangoon can be certainly the much-awaited film.

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