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Kangana Ranaut slams girl for wearing shorts to temple, recalls her own experience 

Kangana Ranaut is known for always creating some controversy with her tweets. The actress has now found herself in another controversy as she reacted to a Twitter user who called out a girl for wearing short western clothes to the Baijnath Temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

Kangana Ranaut retweeted this and said, “These are western clothes, invented and promoted by white people, I was once at the Vatican wearing shorts and t shirt, I wasn’t even allowed in the premises, I had to go back to my hotel and change…. These clowns who wear night dresses like they are casuals are nothing but lazy and lame ….. I don’t think they are capable of having any other intention but there should be strict rules for such fools ….”

As soon as Kangana shared her thoughts and her own experience, netizens flooded with comments below her tweet and  garnered mixed response from the netizens as some supported Kangana’s school of thought while some called her out for having double standards.

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One user opposing Kangana wrote, “What’s the use of you wearing full clothes at temples?? God will not judge u based on what you wear, otherwise he would have brought u in the world with clothes on your body… All he cares about is what is in ur heart n ur intentions…And we all know how black your heart is..”

“People disagreeing with her point should also refuse to follow dress codes in upscale parties and high end nightclubs by saying how are you tell us how to dress!” reads another reply.

Kangana Ranaut will next be seen in the film Emergency, in which she will play former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. She will also appear in the films Tejas, Didda: The Warrior Queen of Kashmir and Sita: The Incarnation.


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