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Kangana Ranaut reveals she does not want to get married because of THIS reason

Kangana Ranaut is often regarded as Bollywood’s most fierce actress. Even if it means being surrounded by controversies, she does not mince words. The actress is presently promoting her forthcoming flick Dhaakad. The teaser and the film’s first song went viral on social media, with many people admiring the actress’ acting abilities. With her interviews, the actress is now causing a stir. She recently discussed the reasons behind her inability to marry.

Kangana Ranaut joked about the reason for her single status in an interview with Siddharth Kanan. She stated that there are rumours about her that are preventing males from approaching her. When asked if she is Dhaakad in real life too, she said, “That’s not how it is, come on. Who will I beat up in real life? I am unable to get married because of people like you spreading these rumours.” When probed further, she said, “Yes, because rumours are spread about me that I beat up boys.”

Arjun Rampal, Kangana Ranaut’s co-star, quickly joined in. And she revealed how she is in real life. He was quoted saying, “All I can say is that Kangana is a fabulous actor. Whatever she does is for a role but she is not like that in real life. In real life, she is very sweet, very loving, and very God-fearing. She does puja-paath and a lot of yoga. She is actually a very normal person.” Well, okay then.

Razneesh Ghai’s film is scheduled to be released on May 20, 2022. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the film, and fans are looking forward to seeing Kangana Ranaut in theatres. The box office receipts of the film are also of great importance to the public.

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