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Kangana Ranaut posted about Jackie Chan apologising after his son’s drugs scandal, says, ‘Just saying’

Kangana Ranaut posted about Jackie Chan

Kangana Ranaut is once again making headlines, recently the actress reposted an Instagram post about Jackie Chan. the actress who has always been quite vocal about almost everything on social media took to Instagram Stories to share it.The post stated that Jackie had publicly apologised after his son Jaycee was caught in a drugs scandal in 2014. Actor Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee was arrested after police found 100 grams of marijuana in his apartment in Beijing.

“As a public figure, I’m ashamed and distressed,” Jackie had written on his Chinese-language microblog. “His mother is especially heartbroken. Along with Jaycee, I want to take a deep bow of apology to the public,” he had added

Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram post.

Kangana Ranaut

The actress sarcastically added a ‘#justsaying’ in the post caption. It appears that the actress is referring to the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan arrest last week. The Narcotics Control Bureau arrested Aryan Khan after a drug bust on a Goa-bound cruise ship.

Earlier, talking to her Instagram Stories, Kangana stated that Aryan’s ‘mistakes’ should help him evolve but should not be condoned. “Now all Mafia Pappu coming to Aryan Khan’s defence… We make mistakes but we mustn’t glorify them … I trust this will give him perspective and also make him realise the consequences of his actions… Hopefully, it can evolve him and make him better and bigger. It’s good not to gossip about someone when they vulnerable but it’s criminal to make them feel that they did no wrong,” she wrote.

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