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Kangana Ranaut has spoken out about gender inequality in Bollywood

Kangna Ranaut toplessThis year’s list of the world’s highest paid actors has just been released, which for the first time ever, includes actors outside of America. Bollywood fared well; as after the US, India is the country with the most actors featured. Three Bollywood stars, Salman khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar, made the top ten, with Salman Khan ranking highest, with earnings of about Rs 60 cr.

However, Kangana, who is reportedly Bollywood’s highest paid actress, only has earnings of Rs 11 cr; considerably less than her male counterparts. The 28 year old ‘Queen’ star saw the list’s publication as evidence to support her frustrations with the industry’s gender inequality.

Kangana said: “I am complaining too. There was a point when my complaint wasn’t rational and yet, I felt that way even earlier. But the data wasn’t supporting me.”

The ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’  star continued: “My getting Rs 11 cr is a small step towards that equality you are talking about, and as a woman I would also want to see… to be treated as an equal”

Kangana, who has received three Filmfare Awards, said that she understands that if an actress doesn’t have a major role in a film then she can’t expect to be paid the same, but the star feels that if a woman has a lead part in a major film then she deserves to be paid the same as the men.

Kangana explained: “If you’re doing one scene and two songs in a film, you cannot expect to be paid at par with the actors. And if you have given one of the biggest blockbusters of all times, you can go ahead and demand that much money.”

This comes just after Kangana criticized the industry for how hard it is for women to successfully break into Bollywood: “Even if they want to make it big, they have to come with the security of either a boyfriend or a father. Something. They can’t do it on their own because it is so hard to be in this world where such evil people live.”

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