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Kangana Ranaut is fashion designers’ favourite

 kangana ranaut on ramp

Kangana Ranaut is known to have unique fashion statement, which she time and again is popular for flaunting before the media and even over the ramp. This is what that makes her all time favourite of the fashion designers. She has floored the fashion designers with her incredibly robust panache over the runway and she appears like they all would require the Fashion actor to parade over the ramp in their own creations. Kangana who is often the cynosure of countless eyes when she is seen walking over the ramp last month for the designers like Anju Modi.

Post this fashion show, she is now flooded with a number of offers from numerous fashion designers to showcase their designs over the ramp. They simply love the lady for her unique sense of style and the skills to showcase a number of designs and outfits with incredible Panache. She is now the show stopper for the designer called Suneet Verma in Delhi, while when asked whether she would be now regular over the ramp, she denies doing the same and feel that she is often very much nervous while doing so. Moreover, especially when she is having too heavy or dramatic kind of outfits, her nervousness simply rises. She says, she is not a professional model and not often carries this on a regular basis.

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