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Kamya Punjabi gives a befitting response to a troller who commented ‘apni shaadi to bacha ni payi’

When it comes to social media, trolling can be very harsh. A troller commented on Kamya Punjabi’s Instagram account, where she shared a video talking about women empowerment.

In the comment, the troller mocked Kamya Punjabi for her divorce and wrote, “Ek apni shaadi to bacha ni payi talaq ho gya. Fir dusri shadi…had hai (You could not even save your own marriage. You got divorced, and then married for the second time. This is the limit).”

Kamya Punjabi gave him a befitting reply, where she shared the screenshot of the comment and her response. Slamming him she wrote, “So? Mujhe khush rehne ka ya jeene ka koi haq nahi hai? Talaq ho gaya toh aurat ko marr jaana chahiye? Talaq se zindagi khatam ho jaati hai aurat ki? Aap jaisi soch rakhne waalo ke khilaaf aaj harr ladki ko apni awaaz uthani padegi our utha bhi rahi hai… Mujhe kamzor naa samajna main ladki hoon lad sakti hoon (Do I have no right to stay happy? If divorced, should a woman die? Divorce is not the end of one’s life. Every girl needs to raise her voice against people with a mindset like yours. And, they are raising their voices. Do not think of me as weak. I am a woman and I can fight).”

Previously, talking about her current husband, Kamya Punjabi told Hindustan Times, “I’m trolled on social media that ‘in our families, separation and divorce doesn’t take place’, ‘Divorce is a very painful word, bhagwaan na kare kisi ke saath ho’. Our society uses that word as an abuse. If someone is divorced or a single parent, or wants to start a new life, they will get trolled, and people will not support them.”

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