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Kabir Khan Notched by Anti-India Chant Protesters at Karachi Airport

Yet another craziness getting spread amongst the audience and now they are coming into picture either to drag attention or to waste valuable time. Well let’s make it a bit clear so that we can at least get some inputs from your end as well, so it all initiated when the renowned Bollywood director Kabir Khan was heading towards Karachi Airport at Pakistan but suddenly when he was approaching towards his flight some anti-India chant grabbed him on Wednesday. As per the sources Bajrangi Bhaijaan not even reacted a bit and proceeded towards the airport lounge. Despite knowing the fact behind such incident the director kept mum for a while but guess what his silence doesn’t remain for long and he reacted on social networking site i.e. on Twitter as

“To media on both sides: 12screaming lunatics with a mobile phone camera is not news. Please don’t give them the attention they want. Ignore” – As per the sources. Apart from this small incident, the director has already grabbed some toughest attention all over the B town just with his films for which he added “This is the first time in Karachi however my film Bajrangi Bhaijaan received a lot of appreciation in Pakistan for which I am grateful. The purpose of the film really was to bring the people closer”  – He further added on the same.

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