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Kabir Khan: Didn’t Have to Convince SRK for a Cameo in Tubelight

Kabir Khan

When it comes to politics, it is no longer seen as a taboo in Hindi movies, holds director Kabir Khan, many of whose films deal with thorny, contemporary issues. The director of the upcoming film Tubelight stresses that it is important for him to give a societal context to the stories that he deals with.”When I used to watch Bollywood films, I would struggle with the fact that our cinema was set in La La Land, with no social or political context.

So I decided that whenever I make a film, I’ll try to put some context about what’s happening,” Khan the maker of such films as Kabul Express and the blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan — told PTI in an interview. The success of his projects indicates that audiences welcome such films, he points out.

“Fortunately for me, all of the films have done well so that means the audience is also enjoying them. Earlier, there used to be a taboo and people would say, ‘Oh, don’t put politics in your films; the audience don’t watch it.’ But if you engage them through your characters, they are ready to follow any politics or the world you’ve created,” he adds.

The story of Tubelight, his third collaboration with Salman Khan after Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, is set against the 1962 Indo-China war. The director did not elaborate on the story but reports suggest that Salman Khan plays a man from India who falls in love with a woman from China, played by Chinese actress Zhu Zhu.

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