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Is It Kabali or Sultan to Hit Unbreakable Box Office Record?

sultan vs kabali

Difficult to work out for the collection and even much harder to decide about the wining title when it’s all about ‘Lord of Tollywood’ on one end and loving ‘Sallu Bhai’ on another end. Yes we’re depicting about the two peaks of Bollywood and Tollywood along with their movies namely Salman Khan’s Sultan and Rajinikanth’s Kabali. No doubt they have had given those name and fame to the makers which everyone dream for, then whether its box office or response both the stars have come up with something really called miracle of stars, let’s have a quick glance of both the movies and their minted stones one by one.

Starting with the man renowned and known for his own style the one n only Rajinikanth, a star who’s nothing but a Lord in Tollywood, people love him like anything and why not if his movies turned out to be the massive record breakers, talking about Kabali only then it had crossed 48Crores within just one day of its release leaving behind too many record and even Khan’s Sultan far behind.

However can you even guess what will be figure after completing just weeks in theatres? Guys its 600Crores worldwide! Well moving on to the movies of a loving stars of Bollywood none other than our favorite ‘Salman Khan’ – The one who has created some historical records as well but mean while if we talk about his recent release ‘Sultan’ then here soon after completing 4 weeks in Bollywood it has minted 298.23Crores in India and is heading towards 300Crore club target a previous record of his own release Bajrangi Bhaijaan. As per our true sources Kabali Producer S Thanu said earlier, “I will never forget these days in my life.

This release has given me so much happiness. It has broken the collection records of Indian cinema in the last 100 years.” Not only this Sultan’s director Ali Abbas Zafar earlier said, “The pressure, will Sultan touch Rs 400 crore… Will it cross Rs 500 crore, is it mounting? It’s not getting to me. I know Sultan gives me certain standing as a filmmaker. I also know what some great man said about success — that with power comes responsibility.”  – As per the sources.

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