Monday, November 29, 2021
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Kabali First Weekend Box Office Collection : Seizes Makers by Peaking Records

Kabali Box Office Prediction

Smashing expectations and blushing those who’re indeed crazy for his single glance, yes we’re talking about the one n only Rajinikanth’, for whom we all are united, a sparking cum shining star of Bollywood and no doubt of Tollywood as well, have once again proved that all the stars who had minted some really miracle stone in there carrier but are nothing, yes we’re using this word they all are nothing in front of the glamour ‘Rajinikanth’ and his one by one record breaking movies like the recent oneKabali – To pronounce it’s nothing but a word of couple of letters however has actually made the rest of movie makers to have sleepless nights with its unbeatable records.

Moreover if we talk about the movie then it is purely written and directed by a renowned maker Pa. Ranjith and interestingly the film has taken just 2-3steps on the floor but as of now it actually seems like it will remain in the Box office just like a Leech, unless it will smashes some tremendous records in the B town.

Coming on to the collection part then whether you believe or not it has cracked the market by notching 250Crores globally in the Indian Cinemas however is on the verge to step towards 500Crores within First Weekend, let’s just wait n watch whether it can really make it or not? Stay tuned with for more details.

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