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‘Jurassic World’ Defeated ‘Avengers’ By Smashing Box Office Collection Leading with $524 Million Globally

Jurassic World

So, here we go. Before we try to explore something about the smashing movie ‘Jurassic World’, I guess if some of you might have seen the movie then I would say an entire book will be less if we try to catch up some of the marvellous actions of the movie. However, if we talk about the recently released movie ‘Avengers’ then apart from attracting the viewers from magnifying actions and scary scenes the movie has not only made the viewer’s entertain like anything but also made them realize the stunning feel of scare that still for a while after watching the drastic scenes.

Despite by the fact that the movie was released just few days back but now the movie seems like has it has made a unbeatable place in between the box office wherein it will be really difficult for the looming movies to replace ‘Jurassic World’ from the Box office. In addition to this, if we move along with the sources then the movie has easily left behind some of the highest grosser of the year like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows–Part 2 which was stopped rolling at $483 million. However, surprisingly up till now the movie has grossed about $100 million specifically in China and about $524 million globally.

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