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Junooniyat Movie Review

Junooniyat Movie Review

Poor script make the film too predictable backed by too much of overacting

This Friday is a busy one with too many releases coming at the same time with diverse themes and stories. This certainly includes the film called Junooniyat starring Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam in the lead roles along with Taran Bajaj in the supporting role. The film is directed by Vivek Agnihotri, while it is produced by Bhushan Kumar under the banner of T-Series. The music comes from Ankit Tiwari and Meet Bros along with Jeet Ganguly whereas the photography is carried out by Attar Singh Saini. The film was scheduled earlier for its release but with Udta Punjab getting its hit in the theatres, the makers of this film pushed the date of its release. The movie gets a worldwide release this Friday, now let’s dig in deep to get the gist of the film as under:


The film Junnoniyat falls under the romantic genre and once again the Sanam Re lead Jodi is back on the silver screen with this film. The movie is in the backdrop of defense area wherein both the lead stars – Pulkit Samrat playing the army office Jahaan Bakshi and Yami Gautam playing as Suhaani Kapoor. The two fall in love when Jahan saves the life of Suhaani. Soon they end up becoming loved ones, but their love story goes to an extent of obsession and both are seen moving in different direction. So, what is going to happen, the next whether they unite and how is interesting to catch in this romantic saga.


Junooniyat as the lead star claims isn’t similar to Sanam Re, the reasons the former is a typical love story with an obsession element in it, while the other is a love triangle, which was not able to understand by the audience unlike Bermuda Triangle. But frankly as you check the film Junooniyat, it is as bad as Sanam Re for the overdoing performances by the lead actors and the not so interesting and predicable kind of story in it, which makes the film, loses it edge before the audience. The first half seems okay, yet the hide and seek played by the so called lovers in the film makes the film a bit boring and repetitive in nature. The next half witnesses the downfall of the love and therefore showcases the darker side of the romance and love, making it a bit tragic yet too hard stuff to digest.

Now, talking about the performances, there isn’t much in the film to discuss. Let’s start with Pulkit Samrat, he is a decent actor but all of his performances in the film are filled overdoing things thus maligning the spirit of acting in a big way. He was not able to portray the right emotions while playing the character while playing an army officer who is in love with someone. In other words, he was equally bad in playing an army officer as playing the lover in the film. May be he needs to spend a couple of more films to become an ace actors. Well, Yami Gautam playing as Suhaani Kapoor was better than Pulkit, at least she wasn’t portraying her emotions in an over boasting fashion, however, her performance as an ace lover was faltering, once again she failed to showcase the right emotions on her face.

Music, Direction, Screenplay, Editing and other elements

The only thing appreciating about this film is the music of the movie, which seems to be soothing and rocking at the same time. The songs are okay nicely composed backed with good music and lyrics, which make them worthy to catch. In fact, a few of the songs are doing better over the chartbuster list. The direction has its own flaw, though he has tried to make things straight but thanks to the overacting of the lead actors, things didn’t do well for the movie. The other aspects like screenplay, editing and other elements went okay, even the photography went cool as you can catch up a number of cool locations of Kashmir and Punjab. All in all the technical elements of the film like editing and other things went okay somewhere securing the entertainment elements of the movie.

Junooniyat – Last Word

Junooniyat is a blend of typical story, which has no body and tail, over boasting performances, soothing music, cool locations and average direction. The film has not much to deliver and at times even a curse for the audience catching up the film. The chemistry between the lead actors seems to be an average and doesn’t really translate into a compelling love story. Though the script had enough opportunities to do so, but somewhere the director has failed to embark with a decent romantic film, which puts us to give a low rating.

Rating – 2.0


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