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Jungle Book Total Box Office Collection : Rolling with Leaps and Bounds Globally

A day that we never ever though off for a movie, a day on which its nothing remain to depict about the film except its entertaining impressions, indeed its really strange to say that the world premier cum smasher of the year 2016 i.e. Jungle Book has finally taken up a call to wind up all the peaks and create historical rock all over the globe. A movie which was in talks, since the day it was out for its release date, under the directions of Jon Favreau and last but not the least executed by a fabulous kid Neel Sethi and which was on the floor since 6th April 2016. Despite the movie has taken a couple of weeks since its release but still the fire of excitement has not event taken up a single step to cool down, check out the peaking journey of the movie right here..

Well it all initiated from the first day when the movie has not even shocked all the followers by somewhat to the makers as well, by grabbing such a huge number of applause from the audience with 10.09 Crores. Ok before we proceed can you guess what will be the number till end of week? I bit you can’t even think about as the figure has minted to 50Crores plus till the weekend. So guess, what will be the sparking figure till the movie was out from theatres, the movie which has notched a position of highest grosser of 2016 till date has collected 148Crores globally.

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