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Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle : Good Performances with a cute freshness in it

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle 1st

Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle Review

Director– Jake Kasdan Producer – Matt Tolmach, William Teitler Story – Chris McKenna

Star cast– Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas and Bobby Cannavale Genre – Action Adventure Comedy

Studio – Columbia Pictures, Matt Tolmach Productions, Radar Pictures and Seven Bucks Productions

Rating – 3.0

Story : We have a four high school kids who seem to discover an old video game console and soon when they play are seen getting pulled into the game’s jungle set-up. They soon realism that they have to play both the game with their respective avatar versions of themselves but at the same time are required to survive as well there. So, what happens next would be interesting to explore.

Review : In the age of Hollywood’s obsession with the franchise that seems to be building and reboots, we see the very idea for a sequel of a film that hit in 1995 with the name called Jumanji is interesting to catch. However, the kind of combination we get to see about the charming actors including Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillian, Kevin Hart and Jack Black seem to be have played a competent role in it. The fact is one can easily narrate the story in one line but the way the film has been executed about the twists can be called as the real winner. Despite keeping the original ingredients of the film intact, getting a blend of some fresh mixing can make make this recreation to be a palatable dish. The story by Chris McKenna is seen keeping the taste of audience in mind fresh.

Now, talking about the performances, Dwayne Johnson in the role of a nerd teaches a lot to him to fight whatever is seen coming in to achieve their goal. One can find a brand new thing about this man who is a pro at smoldering. Kevin Hart is seen playing the funniest par with his incredible comic timing that he manages to draw the heavy dosage of laughter. One can find Karen Gillan to be as gorgeous as Martha. The direction by Jake Kasdan who seems to be a good director has done a good work otherwise though he seems to have failed in justify a couple of sequences in the film. However, a super cool theme song that often remains at the end seemed to be missed here.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Movie Review: The Last Word If you are a kid of 90s then this film gives you a fair chance to get relive your childhood memories. The board game has simply turned into a video game but the fun quotient simply remains intact. The kids would certainly going to love it, but as I said there are a few jokes that could be for grown ups thus can be a problem for the children, hence the three stars.

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