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Julia Fox’s photos from ‘Heartburn Nausea’ goes viral on the internet

Kanye West looks to be on the recovery after his divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian. The rapper was recently seen out on a dinner date with Julia Fox, and the two appear to be getting along pretty smoothly. It turns out they’ve had enough to speak about, including Fox’s Ken and Barbie photoshoot with Pete Davidson in 2019 and a graphic art book filled with sexy photos and intimate information that she released in 2015.

For the uninitiated, the Italian American diva was formerly an artist and the chief designer of Franziska Fox, a New York-based apparel company. She had just created a raw, personal art book called ‘Symptomatic of a sour relationship: Heartburn/Nausea’ at the time. The work is primarily a character portrait, with personal details that help to shape a portrait of a disturbed young lady

The book contains a collection of personal documents from Fox’s life, including photographs, personal notes, and other personal information.

Fox while talking to journalist Rose Holtermann about the book said, “It’s just a picture book of artefacts and stuff I have collected over the years.”

She continued, “I’m not sure what the message behind it is. I guess since my life is so different now and I’m somewhat successful and happy, the message is that it’s ok to be fucked up. It’s ok to have a past. And more importantly, it’s ok to show your vulnerability and your weaknesses. And if you are fucked up and able to use it to your advantage, you are probably more interesting and insightful than most. So just like don’t be ashamed of yourself.”



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