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Juhi Chawla recalls Rishi Kapoor labeling her an “insecure actor”, here’s why!

Juhi Chawla has been alongside Rishi Kapoor in various films throughout her career. We’ll get to see the two actors together for the final time in the upcoming film Sharmaji Namkeen. Sharmaji Namkeen, directed by Hitesh Bhatia, is Rishi Kapoor’s final film. In 2020, the renowned actor died of cancer and went to be with the Lord. Juhi Chawla recalled her experience working with the actor in a recent interview with a leading daily and said that he used to scream at her as well.

Talking to The Indian Express, Juhi Chawla mentioned that she used to keep on checking the monitor during the shoot as she tried to match up to Rishi Kapoor’s performance. That’s when the veteran actor would scold her and ask her why she’s behaving like an ‘insecure actor’. “On the sets, when scenes were going on, Chintu ji was effortless and sparkling. And I was standing in front of him and struggling with my takes. I knew what was happening inside me. I was like, ‘Chintu ji ke itne acche shots hai. Mere nahi aayenge toh not good. (He gave such good shots. If I don’t match up, it won’t look nice).’ I would keep running to the monitor just to see ki maine take theek kiya ki nahi. So, Chintu ji was like – ‘monitor is not meant for actors. Why are you behaving like an insecure actor? Hitesh, why are you allowing her to see the monitor.’ I would crack up, but still went and saw the monitor. I loved all that. Great fun,” Juhi Chawla said.

Director Hitesh Bhatia said that Rishi Kapoor was against looking at the monitor and would never watch it after his shots.

Sharmaji Namkeen will be streaming on a digital platform from March 31st.

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