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Jude Fernandes Concept Shoot in Support of Gay & Lesbian Rights and Indo-Pak Peace on the Eve of India-Pak World T20 Match

Well-known fashion photographer and creative consultant from Mumbai Jude Fernandes hit two birds with one stone. On the eve of the India-Pak World T20 match, Jude came up with a novel concept to promote peace between India and Pakistan and also support Gay and Lesbian rights in India. Says Jude Fernandes, “Today is really the big day in the history of World Cricket. Millions of Fans all over the world will be glued to their television sets watching the match. We want to send out a strong message to the world. Enough of wars and animosity and enmity. Enough of terrorism across both sides of the border. We want peace. The people of India and Pakistan want peace on both sides of the border.”
Jude shot with ramp models Diksha, Riya, Tiya and Zoya for his concept. “It was a very hurried shoot. We decided to do it today itself. The photographs depict female lesbian lovers wearing the Indian and Pakistan colors on their arms and face and body. It’s a dual message – support gay rights and rights of the LGBT community in India and also suppor India-Pak peace and friendship,” Jude says. The shoot was done at Starline Productions Studio at Mahada at Four Bungalows in Mumbai.
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