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The journey is very rough and tough: Rishi Bhutani

1. How has your journey been so far?

Ans: I don’t like getting things so easily. The journey is very rough and tough but I am loving it. I think that’s the beauty of life… if we achieve something without much effort then it”s not worth it!

2. Are you happy so far or do you feel that better things could have happened?

Ans: I am very happy and I believe things will be excellent soon. Better things are on its way. I am going towards it and it’s coming towards me. We will meet somewhere soon. 🙂

3. Give us details about your upcoming projects… Ram Ratan, Gandhigiri, Vodka Diaries… what are these films about and what characters do you essay?

Ans: I am shooting for Ram Ratan and Vodka dairies simultaneously. Ram Ratan is a romantic comedy with Daisy Shah, Rajpal Yadav and Satish Kaushik, directed by Govind Sakaria. In Ram Ratan, I play a casanova.

Vodka Dairies is a thriller with K K Menon, Raima sen, Mandira Bedi and Sharib Hashmi. Director Kushal Shrivastav. In
Vodka Dairies too, I am playing a casanova.

Gandhigiri is all set for a worldwide release on 14th October. It’s a satire on society directed by Sanoj Mishra, producer by Partaap Singh.  My co-actors in the film are Sanjay Mishra, Om Puri, Mukesh Tiwari, Anupam Shyam, Dolly Chawla, Ravi Singh, Amit shukla, Brijesh and Meghna Halder.
In Gandhigiri I am playing a poor guy who is under the pressure of society and becomes a taget of caste-ism.

4. You have worked in the regional/South industry as well as Bollywood films… What difference did you find?

Ans: It’s all the same. People who are organised they are organised everywhere. Some people do there homework well while some don’t.. rest everything is all the same.

5. TV is a very popular medium, if given a choice to host a big time reality show or judge it, would you take it up?

Ans: Surely, why not! TV is very big now and watched by millions of people. I will be more than happy to do it.

6. With 3 upcoming films happening at the same time, is life stressful to handle?

Ans: I am never stressed when it comes to work… stress happens when I am sitting idle.

7. Your film was selected at a film festival? Do awards or film festival mean anything on a personal level?

Ans: Of course we are here for people and if they love your work, you get awarded. So I am always excited for awards.

8. Also you played the role of ‘Jawaharlal Nehru’, at such a early stage of your career… was it a gamble or it was intentional?

Ans:  I got the offer and it was interesting to play some one like Jawaharlal Nehru. I am lucky I played Chacha Nehru at an early stage. 

9. Which is more important to you being a lead actor or getting critical appreciation?

Ans: I am greedy… I want both!! (Smiles)

10. Who is your favourite co-actor?

Ans: Om Puri ji. I have done 3 films with him & he is a amazing human being & teacher.

11. Which actor would you like to be compared to?

Ans: Rajesh Khanna… he is a legend and my inspiration too. 

12. Any crushes from the industry?

Ans: Madhuri Dixit & Raveena Tandon. 

13. Describe your dream role for us…

Ans: I would love to do an action film. Looking forward to it. 

14. What are your future plans?

Ans: I want to do better & better films & grow with it.

15. If you hadn’t been a actor, what profession would you have been in?

Ans: Hmm.. I would have been a software engineer. 

16. Your hobbies…

Ans: Playing Volley ball.

17. Any Hollywood projects in the pipeline?

Ans: Yes, there are quite a lot of them but will have to keep them under wraps as paperwork is going on. 

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