Josue Arteaga – Businessman with Big Plan

Josue Arteaga’s story in one that embodies the american dream. How an aspiring entrepreneur can turn pain and hardships into a success story. 

It all started when his life took a turn for the worst. His father lost his job right around the same time his mother needed surgery to treat an illness. This situation caused a lot of pain for the then sixteen-year-old but he knew it was up to him to make a difference and therefore he got straight to work. His determination was unmatched. He began studying SEO, the website traffic, and converting clients from Neil Patel after school. However, this was not bringing in the money that he needed, in fact, it took him almost three years to finally make his first $300 from the internet. He started a t-shirt business online where things seemed to look up as he quickly made $50 in revenue. Unfortunately for Arteaga, his website was shut down due to copyright issues and the $50 he made had to be refunded. Once again he faced hardship and disappointment. 

After earning his first $300 online, he then went on to write articles that turned into high-end publications. Arteaga’s business plan was based on how he could interview famous guests with millions of followers on social platforms and started consulting with clients to do the same after he was on the high-end publications. He charged $5,000-$10,000 which led to him starting his first company. Arteaga then went from making $17,000 to $144,000 annually at only the age of 19.

Shortly after, an old college friend approached him to ask for an investment in his father’s Mexican meat and grocery market. Arteaga saw this as an opportunity to produce a major profit for himself in the long run and thus decided to save up by cutting off his expensive habits and then invested $60,000 into the meat market. Now being an invested partner in this industry, he decided to study this industry down to the letter in order to make the right decisions, because of this he was able to make connections with high-end CEO’s. At the young age of 21, Arteaga is making two million dollars in revenue annually from meat markets alone and owns a one million dollar asset. However, this is nothing but the start of the master plan he has formulated. 

Arteaga has big plans for himself as a businessman. As a venture capitalist, his numbers are impressive but he always strives to grow. He is on track to open three or four more locations in a year adding three to four million dollars in annual revenue. In the next seven years, Arteaga plans to own 1,000 meat stores which will be bringing in a billion dollars in revenue annually. If not, he says $10 Million a year will suffice. 

Josue’s journey has not been an easy one, it’s been full of hardship and pain. Nonetheless, he rises above and keeps things moving. He hopes his story serves well to others whom also strive to achieve big goals. 

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