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John Matthew : Sarfarosh sequel will be more realistic

John Matthew Matthan
John Matthew Matthan recently tells that Sarfarosh’s sequal is gonna be more realistic. John Matthew Matthan says – “The sequel is about internal security of the country. It was extremely challenging to write. The film is more realistic because I don’t have the compulsion to put songs in it. I had to do it then because that’s how the business was.”

John Matthew Matthan says – “The sequel to acclaimed Aamir Khan-starrer Sarfarosh will focus on the issue of country’s internal security and will have a more “realistic” approach.”

Filmmaker John  further adds – “Today that has changed. My film will be more realistic and dramatic. It, of course, also has politics, but it isn’t about a political party. India’s security is more important than anything else, anyone’s belief.”

Talking about script of Sarfarosh 2 and clearance over the project. John Matthew Matthan shares his views. He says – “As of now, there’s no clarity on when it’ll go on floors considering the current (COVID-19) situation. I don’t have the money to put in this film. So somebody who’s producing the film will take the call. My duty is that he gets his money back first.”

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