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Jiah Khan Suicide cum Murder Mystery: Bombay HC Desire CBI Report

A mystery that was hidden somewhere round the globe but was not vanished globally, in fact was sizzling somewhere inside the hearts of those who had dropped painful tiers on funeral of a star who’s now named as Late Jiah Khan. Despite its being 3 years after the incident that had gave the entire B town a striking shocking but still whenever it calls for, it still feels like a pain that won’t be explainable to anyone however think about the mother who’s still waiting for justice. Who was the only person who had claimed that the star Sooraj Pancholi was main culprit behind such incident and has done a murder of her daughter Jia. However with an unfortunate evidence he was left with a bail but as its well said ‘There’s a Bit Late there’s No Where Injustice to Anybody in the Judiciary’ the same way goes with the star. Check out here from where exactly it is sizzling with..

Blowing a fire to a level whose heat should be felt by the star who was found to be the main culprit and thus the Bombay High Court has urges CBI report to trigger the controversy. As per the sources it is said that the star ‘Sooraj’ has written an open letter to the High Court to return his passport so that he can travel outside the country to fulfil certain professional commitments. Moreover on the same statement the response is yet to come, but one thing is clear for sure that it will surely impact the ongoing activity in the Bollywood.

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