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Jessie J accidentally used her mouthwash as body wash.

Jessie J’s

The ‘Bang Bang’ singer was staying at her sister’s house when she mixed up her travel toiletries and now her “armpits feel fresh”.

She tweeted: “I was so tired this morning I used mouthwash as body wash. My armpits feel fresh in the breeze.”

Fans found the update hilarious and thanked Jessie for making her laugh, while many of them also shared their own similar experiences.

However, one confused Twitter user wrote: “how did you manage that is your mouthwash in your shower?”

Jessie, 27, quickly responded saying: “No my mouth wash isn’t in the shower. I use travel toiletries as I stayed at my sisters, and my body wash and mouth wash look similar.”

Meanwhile, Jessie revealed during the summer that she is to have a few months away from the industry next year to “write and live”.

Clarifying comments she made on stage at Somerset House, London, she wrote on Twitter: “I said on stage last night I want/need a break I didn’t mean today I am working until Jan/Feb next year Then I will be writing/living.

“It was just an open conversation with myself and the audience Last night wasn’t my last show of the year lol (sic)”

Meanwhile, the singer recently admitted she hates being famous.

She said: “I don’t like being famous, I’m not very good at it. I like simple things like cooking and bowling. I like helping people.”

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