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Jennifer Winget: I choose the show after watching the story, not seeing the ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ character

Jennifer Winget
Actress Jennifer Winget

Actress Jennifer Winget, who is currently wooing audiences with the role of Maya in the second season of the TV show “Beyhadh”, does not like the idea of ​​classifying the characters under certain conditions.

Her role in the show has been receiving high praise from the audience for Gray Shades. Winning, but Jennifer says she does not like to categorize her characters into a scale of good or bad.

“I don’t like words like negative character, positive or gray character. I think we are actors and we should like to play all kinds of characters. It is not so easy to play every kind of role. When I received an unlimited offer, I was not confused at all. Many people ask me what it is like to play a negative character. To be honest, I don’t like this kind of word.”

He adds that “This is a fictional character, and we are telling a story about a character. The show has neither a hero nor a villain. ‘Beyhadh 2 is very close to my heart and its entire journey has been very out of the box. There was no doubt in my mind playing the character of Maya,”

Sharing her experience working on the OTT medium, Jennifer spoke of focusing on the project and the story rather than the medium.

Jennifer Winget said, “For me, the project and its story line mean more. I believe in doing good work, and I did not feel isolated at all while working in the web medium. “

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