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“Jee Le Chal”, the massive hit track produced by Ashwin Golani, is still amongst many music lover’s top favourites.

In times like these, where every possible industry remains disrupted in ways more than one due to an ongoing pandemic, people from all over the world have been finding ways to fall back to things or hobbies which can give them their sense of peace and happiness. Amidst these trying times, music has acted as people’s best friend and gave them the joy they truly deserve. People listen to their favourite tracks to get into a world they think they belong. Some of these tracks remain as fresh as ever for their beautiful vocals, mesmerizing visuals, amazing tunes and sometimes just for the entire vibe it creates. One such song that was released in late 2019 but still remains fresh as a flower in the music world is “Jee Le Chal”.

Jee Le Chal oozes some kind of novelty and originality that has touched the deepest chords of people, which is what makes the track a top-choice for many music lovers still. This mesmerizing track has been produced by none other than one of the most rising music producers in our country, Ashwin Golani. This young man, at only 20 years, has proved his passion for music and has also shown people his courage and innate talents to take over the music and the entertainment space, even as a youngster.

With Jee Le Chal, Ashwin Golani, as a producer, created a music video that acted as the perfect song to listen to for people travelling with their friends. Singer Rameet and Ankush did justice with the feel of the song by giving their voices, and director Renny made sure to create visuals amazingly appealing to the audiences. The songwriting, music composition, music mixing and mastering and video editing were done by Rameet.

Ashwin Golani, as the young producer of the song, was elated when the song was released as it every instantly connected with listeners and music lovers, which doubled his confidence to come up and produce many other wondrous songs like these. Jee Le Chal has been doing great on YouTube with earning thousands of views that are increasing each passing day.

To enjoy Jee Le Chal, follow the link here, and do connect with Ashwin Golani on Instagram @ashwingolani_



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