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Has Jaya’s nonsensical remark irked King Khan ?

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Ever since Jaya Bachchan called Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Happy New Year a nonsensical movie, the gossip mongers and rumour mills are seen embarking with something or the other in the media. If you believe the reports, Shah Rukh Khan and Bachchans have been known for having a good relation. However, post this nonsensical movie remark; things between the two have been marred to a great extent.  So amidst all this controversy, which has mired all over and has become the headlines for a number of media channels, digging a deep in the issue would be a fair deal. Hence CineTalkers, felt the need to scan issue for its readers, so better late than never!

Jaya’s Statement

Let’s check and understand what Jaya Bachchan had said in the literary conference recently held (last week) in Mumbai. Jaya Bachchan in her remark said that the movie Happy New Year is among the most nonsensical films she has ever made in the recent times. She just watched the movie for the presence of her son in Happy New Year; otherwise she would have not even cared to watch the same. She was also heard saying that her son is a great actor and that movies like these would land him nowhere. Lastly, she added that she has conveyed the same to her son and the other lead stars of the movie.

The Post Remark Reaction

No sooner than Jaya made this statement, it simply went viral over all the forms of media present around B Town. The more the topic was discussed and reported over the media, the adverse effect it created over Ahishek who was part and parcel of the movie. Luckily, for his performance of the character called Nandu in HNY, he has been getting applauds and positive reviews from different people sitting in different camps. This certainly made him embarrassed till he finally decided to rush to Mannat (the palatial residence of SRK) with his wife Aishwarya Rai. Abhishek who calls SRK as his elder brother was right on time to give his apology on her mom’s behalf, however, King Khan didn’t even prefer to meet him and the couple had to return sipping a cup of tea chitchatting with Gauri Khan. Ironically, both Aish and Ahishek were asked about their visit to Mannat, they plainly denied despite the fact that it was reported everywhere that the duo had visited SRK’s home. Embarrassed a more further, Abhitab Bachchan personally sent out a text message to SRK sending apology on his wife’s behalf.

The move-less and speechless Jaya

Amidst all these affairs, one person who remained silent and move-less was the lady who stays at the heart of controversy- Jaya Bachchan. She didn’t choose to speak anything on it nor did she even feel like sending her apology to Shah Rukh Khan who was badly hurt on this statement. The reasons why he was deeply hurt and didn’t even cared to meet Ash and Abhi was that he has always kept Jaya at his mother’s place and has been close to the Bachchans. Once again Jaya has proved that she can go nuts giving silly remarks in rage and anger. Her rude way of answering the questions of journalists asking various questions at various junctures really makes everyone feel how arrogant and ruthless is the lady. Rudely speaking, she has more care and concern for her ego-centric nature and naive remarks rather than appreciating the performance of her son or applauding the filmmakers for remarkable collection it has worldwide and even in the domestic market.  May be this can even cost to the career of Abhi post making such remarks.

SRK’s reaction on nonsensical remark

Shah Rukh Khan is always known for being very media savvy and friendly to this fraternity. So, when he was finally asked about this remark or controversy, he handled the query with his cool and composed nature. He said that he has a good relationship with Bachchans, so will prefer not to say anything about the lady Bachchan or anyone in the family. Nonetheless, he added that Amar Akbar Anthony was among the classical movies of eighties, however, was even called the most nonsensical movie. He pointed out a movie, wherein Big B was the part of this hit movie of eighties.

Wrapping up

Jaya Bachchan didn’t turn out to say anything to SRK or send her apology to King Khan, which has indeed hurt the Happy New Year actor.  Though according to the people close to SRK and Bachchans, the issue is blown out of proportion, however, it seems that things would go long in the media unless Jaya is coming out something tangible. It would be wise for Jaya to reconcile the matter since both the families have shared a great bonding rather than living with her said statement of nonsensical. Even though she does that, Jaya’s apology would be still be called as too little and too late stuff.

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