Jay Piggin’s Road To Success As A Top Fitness Influencer

Jay Piggin
Jay Piggin

Lately, people have started to have their focus on fitness. It is really important to see how a person carries himself or herself. The time you invest in yourself will give you better results tomorrow. Making people’s lives easier through the digital medium, fitness influencer Jay Piggin is reaching new heights as he is inspiring thousands of people to live a healthy lifestyle. He hails from Australia and has got a combined fan following of more than one million on Facebook and Instagram. He is currently on a mission to curb the obesity epidemic and is working towards it with one person at a time.

For him, fitness is above everything. “You just need to put in your hard work and work in getting the best physique. With working out, it is also important to know what kind of food you intake. Proper nutrition is a pre-requisite to be in the best shape”, he stated. As of today, he has brought a change in more than 10,000 people through online coaching. With being a motivation for many, his workout and diet plans are customized according to the needs of the people.

Many aspiring fitness influencers consider Jay as their inspiration and he is rightly mentoring 200 personal trainers across the globe on how to make a successful career in fitness through online coaching. Moreover, he recently launched his own clothing line named ‘Elite Status’ and believe it or not, the outfits were sold out in just 14 days. With such tremendous success, he will soon launch a brand of his own supplements which will be available everywhere. The fitness expert is surely making a way in people’s hearts and there’s nothing that can stop him from achieving his goal. Positivity and motivation are what one needs in life and Jay Piggin is bringing change with both the aspects today.

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