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Javed Akhtar jots down poems for Karan Johar’s twins and it’s beyond beautiful

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Ever since Karan Johar’s twin babies, Yash and Roohi have come abode, close buds from the fraternity are showering them with wishes and gifts. Since they’re all from the industry, the gifts are quit artsy! Javed Akhtar, has penned down poems as a present for the twins and boy is it beautiful! Knowing that he comes from a strong literature background, there’s no doubt that the words he has written for Karan’s kids are golden. Your hearts would jump up in joy when you read the poems.

Karan Johar’s twins surely are lucky as they are being pampered like crazy by B-townies. A lot of celebs have made their way to meet and greet with the kids. They were born on February 7 and were kept in NICU (Neo Intensive Care Unit) as they were premature. KJo is ecstatic to share pics of his kiddos, which makes us wonder, why is it taking so long for him to do so? We just hope he reveals his babies’ pics soon. But while we still wait to get a peek of what they look like, atleast we know what kind of gifts they are receiving! That brings us back to Akhtar’s poems. The writer has penned down two poems for both, Yash and Roohi.

Karan’s kiddos have been getting quite a lot of attention from industry folks. Just recently, Varun Dhawan had revealed that he bought gifts for the newborns. While he kept the contents under wraps (because he wanted to see the reaction of his mentor, Karan), he did open up about how excited he was to give it to them. Well, they are his siblings after all. Oh yes, that’s what he and Alia Bhatt have been telling everyone. Ain’t those two cute?

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