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Janhvi Kapoor says people are quick to slot you in Industry

Janhvi Kapoor talks about debut Dhadak and is she is deliberately sticking to the potboilers. Talking about all Janhvi Kapoor says – “I am actually excited about the variety I am getting to explore. Aisa nahi ki consciously nahi, voh bhi art hi hai, with all nautanki, maza aata hai. My aspirations, goal is also to look good, have fun, I would be very happy to sing and dance, but at the end of the day, they are projects I would enjoy watching as well. I like these characters I am playing, and find them challenging, which are offering something to me, and me to them.”

Talking about thoughts on race and competition and she being  slotted in with her contemporaries in industry, Janhvi Kapoor says — “I focus on my work and do what I love to the best of my abilities. I am looking for opportunities where I can be the best. Competition means different to different people. It may not be necessarily box office numbers. If you know, you know, maybe it’s an award, or the feeling that you are loved by audiences. When you have that, you just know. When they own you, like they owned my mom (late actor Sridevi), you feel you belong to them.”

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