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Jamie Lever mimics Rakhi Sawant in the ROFL video, latter joins to say ‘Let’s Do Workouts’

Jamie Lever, the daughter of Johny Lever, is just as humorous as her father. The comedian frequently performs amazing parodies of celebrity impersonation videos, which leave everyone in stitches. Jamie has released another hilarious video in which she imitates Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant.

Jamie wears a black jacket and matching top as she records a video in a gym in a video shared on her Instagram account. We witness Jamie impersonating Rakhi as she says, “Hello people, I’m Rakhi, and today I’m going to do some heavy ‘workouting.'” I’m going to have a great day working out and proving to everyone that I’ve lost weight.”

Jamie further adds, “Let’s go, I’m ready,” as she impersonates Rakhi’s expressions. Later, we see Rakhi entering the frame as she says, “Hello duplicate, this is original.” Jamie also laughs and does a thumbs up as she says “Yes, she is original.” Rakhi then ends the video by saying, “let’s do workouts, let’s do it.”


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Many well-known celebrities have praised the video in the comments section. “This blew my mind, OMG,” Nicole Concessao wrote. “Let’s goosss toss dooss workoutsss,” Bhakhtyar Irani said.
Others who couldn’t stop smiling after watching the video included Vivek Dahiya, Amrita Rao, Anita Raaj, and Geeta Kapur.

Jamie Lever, along with her brother Jessey Lever, is well-known for her internet videos. Jamie isn’t the only person to imitate Sonam. In her videos, she has imitated a number of prominent celebrities, including Kangana Ranaut and Farah Khan.


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Rakhi Sawant’s popularity skyrocketed following her appearances on Bigg Boss 14 and 15. In both seasons, she was referred to be an ‘entertainer,’ a title she has lived up to in real life and on social media.
Rakhi has recently made headlines due to her connection with Adil Khan Durrani, whom she met through a mutual friend.

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