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James Horner: A Renowned Oscar Shinning Composer Died in Plane Crash

A bitter cum painful truth that touched the air last morning, a well known personality who deserved an Oscar award just with his tremendous efforts, yes we are talking about an Oscar winning composer James Horner who’s not between us today. Though these statements may sound something really UN believable but are indeed truth like clear water. A plane which was belonging to James crashed on Monday in Southern California, the crash occurred about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles. As per the sources statement – “It was his plane, and if he wasn’t in it, he would’ve called,” Jay Cooper, a lawyer for Mr. Horner, told The Associated Press on Monday”

However, if we talk about Mr. Horner, 61, he was Hollywood’s one of the best composers who have been working with James Cameron, won two Oscars for “Titanic” and composed for “Apollo 13,” “Braveheart” and “Avatar”. In addition to this, he has also won six Grammy Awards under the sensational track “My Heart Will Go On” from “Titanic”. Have a look on the painful tweets quoted soon after the accident.

James Horner

The moment the accident took place, the very next moment a women reported to be Mr. Horner’s assistant, Sylvia Patrycja, posted on Facebook: “We have lost an amazing person with a huge heart and unbelievable talent. He died doing what he loved.”– As per the sources.

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