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Jal Movie Review

jal movie review

The story of Jal seems to be very much simple, which disseminate certain emotions, while its simplicity can be called as a bit touching and heartfelt thing. This can be called as rare feature of film; however, the irony is that not too many people will be able to enjoy the zest of this uniqueness.  The movie talks about the dearth of water in the region and the way this problem shapes up the fortunes of people dwelling in the village, which is based exactly in the mid of the barren desert. You may find the other movie of Girish Malik talking about similar issues, however, the current one simply revolved more about the water problem but the story that weaves all the people together.

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In a sense, this can be called as an experimental venture by Girish and his team since you may not find that kind of reception and applaud unlike glamor movies like Ragini MMS 2 has got all these two weeks. It has all about activism, struggle and efforts for resolving the problem of water amidst a tender love story with an orphan boy (Purab H Kohli) and desert girl called (Kirti Kulhari) seems to be romancing over the dry land. At times, the movie tend to be slow, however, it encompasses all the require ingredients, which any simple entertainer can have. You can find the love story engaging apart from seeing some kind of drama and suspense in Jal.

As far the performance is concerned Purab seems to be dominating his fellow actors with his incredible onscreen performance. He was seen perfect whether you talk about the lust or love of the guy for his love or simply portraying his sympathy for his friend. However, Kirti seems to be appearing a big fierce in the movie and at the same can be discovered sensual while she is taking a shower being caught by Purab. This scene is both captivating and sensual and this is the same time when the guy proposes the lady.

As far as applauds, the movie seems to have garnered the same at certain film festivals like the Busan International Film Festival 2013 and other similar places, however, whether it can hold water in the box office report is really a matter of interest. The director has simply tried to showcase emotions like love, lust and the thirst, which comes gorgeously in the woven story. If simple emotions interest you, indeed the movie is worth watching.

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