Jagroop Singh Bhullar is a trendsetter in travel blogging

Jagroop Singh Bhullar

Travelling may not attract everyone as a job but when it comes to Jagroop Bhullar, it was his dream come true venture that ended him making a successful travel blogger. His love and passion for travel have made him follow his dream to share his experiences in his blogs. While he travels, he makes sure he has collected the finest details along so that he can embark upon with relevant and eye-catching content. At a tender age, he has managed to visit more than 20 nations and shared his experiences and places with his readers and followers.

As a child, he used to love to participate with his parents in traveling and visiting exciting places. His parents still remember as to how good he was in explaining even a single and minute detail about the travel experiences he had with them. They encouraged him and helped him pursue his dreams. He developed his interest in writing with writing diaries. His writings in his diary were personal but he explained everything that he felt and enjoyed in his travel. He gave ideas about exploring the place the best and avoid issues that he faced during his travel time and so on. In a sense, it was a blog kind of writing, which he soon understood and embarked on his travel blog.

He shares many interesting facts about the travel plan, the places he intends to visit and many more things. His journey in travel blogging commenced long back and he has shared his experiences of nations like Germany, France, UK, US and Russia to name a few. He calls Venice as his favorite place to visit in Italy, which offered him the incredible peace and pleasure. He says, he has visited many cities in the world and even the remote places as well. However, the experience he had in Venice was simply awesome and cannot be compared with any other place. He said he wanted to extend his stay there but had to wind up soon. He also finds India as a nice place to visit as it offers different weather conditions that keep on changing with months in a year. He says, wherever he visits any place, he never intends to leave it so early as he can connect with the place instantly and later shares the same with great zeal and enthusiasm in his travel blog.

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