Monday, November 29, 2021
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Jacqueline Fernandez joins Wildlife Conservation Society in SL

Jacqueline-Fernandez joins Wildlife Conservation Society

The Kick actress seems to be making news for joining the wildlife conservation society back at her home country called Sri Lanka. The society is known to support and protect the wild animals in the forest. Jacqueline Fernandez who is popular for extending her support for animal protection has been doing this since past a couple of months. She explained her stand about this cause by saying that she simply believes strongly in spreading out the awareness and educating about this inhabitants not just in the rural areas but also in the urban places.

She further said that human being has been rude to these animals are encroaching the elephants. She has tied up with the said society for elephant protection. This is however, not the first time when the Kick actress has taken up this task in her hand, but has been doing so since past few years and was also involved in PETA while had visited even the BMC office in order to request to ban the horse drawn carriages. Now, again she is back into action, but this time its for the elephant and raise her voice against the human encroachment, which is causing problems to the poor animal.

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