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Jacqueline Fernandez goes for a Headstand

Jacqueline Fernandez goes for a Headstand

Do you know what makes Jacqueline Fernandez busy these days? Well, any guesses? No idea or you have the same old standard answers – shopping, training, gym, etc. etc. Well, to be very specific, she is trying her feat in Yogic Headstand, which is more often called as Sirshasana. It is nothing but one of the vital postures of Yoga and is considered among the top 12 basic postures of Hath Yoga, which is certainly known for having a wide range of benefits.

Though most of the people who are well versed with these asans (postures) of Yoga, they very well understand the number of challenges and risks, which are extremely lethal to perform. You can find a number of risks, which are associated with this particular pose as you can find the complete body’s weight has to be kept in a right balance over the neck.

As per the sources, the actress has found the real benefit of Yoga around five years before and generally vouch for the same. You can find a personal yoga instructor, who is seen helping her a lot in her day to day Yoga affair five times in a week. As per reports, she has now got the edge over these Yoga poses. Her performance in this yoga seems to be very much perfect and flawless. Even the experts in this Yoga take lot of time have the edge, which she has garnered in a limited amount of years. You can make out from the fact that she is able to carry out the Yogic headstand minus a wall for the support, which very few people can carry out the same.

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