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Jacqueline Fernandez accused Sukesh Chandrasekhar of playing with her feelings & destroying her career

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez is badly trapped in the 200 crore money laundering case by conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar. It’s been a long time and no conclusion regarding this confusing case has come out. The actress has recorded the latest statement at Patiala Court against gangster Sukesh. In her confession, she claimed he manipulated her emotionally and destroyed her career. She also revealed that his true name was hidden from her and she was never aware of it.

The actress recently appeared in Patiala Court for probing of a 200 crore money laundering case. During this, she gave her statement in front of everyone in the court. As per reports, Jacqueline Fernandez told that she knew Sukesh was a government official. It was Pinky Irani who made Shaan Muthathil, Jacqueline’s make-up artist, believe that Sukesh is an officer in the home ministry. Besides this, Sukesh also said that he owns Sun TV and that J Jayalalitha is his aunt.

Jacqueline Fernandez also said THIS about him

Jacqueline stated that Sukesh Chandrasekhar said he was her big fan and wants to work with her in South movies. “I used to talk on calls at least thrice a day with Sukesh. He would sometimes call me at night before my shooting. I never knew that he talks from jail. He used to talk from some corner and sofa, curtains were also visible from that background.”

She further added, “Pinky didn’t tell me anything despite being aware o Sukesh’s criminal background. He told me his name was Shekar and fooled me all these times. My last conversation with him was on 8 August 2021. After that, he didn’t contact me and I learnt about her criminal background.”

Even the dancer-actress Nora Fatehi has made some startling revelations against the conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar holding him responsible for damaging her career.

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