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Jaanisaar Movie Review


Jaanisaar- Average Performance, Naïve Plot and bad Music & Dance make the film a curse to catch up!

This Friday, we have two movies hitting the theatre, which certainly include Jaanisaar. It is directed by Muzaffar Ali and produced by Meera Ali. It is a period drama starring the Pakistani actor – Imran Abbas as Ameer and Pernia Qureshi as Noor in the lead roles. The story is penned by slew of people including Javed Siddiqui, Shama Zaidi and the director himself Muzaffar Ali making it a family affair. In fact, Muzaffar is also seen in one of the lead roles of the film called Meer Sahab. The lead actress of the film, Pernia Qureshi who is basically a fashion entrepreneur is doing her debut with this film. Now, let’s dig in to find out what goes inside the film as under:


The film is set around 20 years post first war of Indian Independence of 1957. It is a love story of the prince of Avadh played by Imran with the revolutionary courtesan played by Pernia of the same province. The prince is of Indian origin is brought up in London by none other than the authority of Britain – Queen Victoria, while the courtesan called Noor is heavily dolled lady who can dance and sing and even fight. The two have their loyalty in different direction, with the guy in the favor of British Raj, while the lady has her obvious choice. So, when two souls of different directions and motives come together and share their love story, what all hurdles you find in it are all showcased in the film. So, what happens at the end is worth catching up in the movie.

Script Analysis

It is really hard to get back to the past. In this film, the director Muzaffar Ali has tried to create a classic like Umrao Jaan, which is seen enjoying the culture status unlike Rekha but both differ a lot in many ways. You miss the great costumes, striking vocals of Asha Bhosle and incredible music in this film. The film though starts in historical note but ends up falling into the prey of fiction and myth, which seems to be the dismal point for the film. The film seems to be the family affair with both husband and wife seems to be in different role making a mess of the entire film. All these elements together make the film a tiring watch.

Star Performances

One must confess at the outset that the star cast for the film has been naïve. Both the actors in their roles were seen struggling to do something over the silver screen, but have failed miserably. Imran seems lagging behind in many ways, right from the acting to dialogue delivery making people laugh about his performance. Similar was the story of Qureshi who did her debut with this film seemed lacking behind to have the required maturity for this film. Her presence over the screen was expected dynamic, however, it was just the opposite. She failed to portray the kind of emotions over the face as was expected by the actress. Muzaffar Ali was seen wearing many hats, which include director, co-writer, supporting actor and composer, which makes us feel that jack of all is master of none. His idea of introducing an array of random characters made things really bad to worse.

Direction & Other Technical Issues

Unfortunately, Ali was seen doing faltering at many parts, right from bringing out the right enthusiasm and zeal of the actors over the silver screen to the managing the musical chords the right way. The film seems to have suffered from a number of things, which include musical fiasco and failed dance sequences to bad screenplays and editing. All in all, right from the technical aspects to composition, choreography, direction, story, screenplay, acting performance and several other things seemed in the bad shape.

Jaanisar – Last Watch

Jaanisaar though claims to be a historical movie, however, it ends up becoming a fiction marring the message, it tried to give for the pre-independence message with it. The film seems very much a family affair having less room for others and expertise. Hence to have a film like this lagging behind in many ways is an inevitable phenomenon- No Surprises!

Rating – 1.0

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