Bigg Boss 16

It’s Rajiv Adatia Vs Rakhi Sawant at the Bigg Boss 15 house, Rajiv says, “VIP ho theek hai, par mein kisi ka naukar nahi hu”

The addition of the wild card contestants has added a new dimension to the show. After a verbal spat between Rashami Desai and Pratik Sehajpal, Rajeev Adatia and Rakhi Sawant were at odds in the most recent episode. The two are seen arguing about who should do what in the kitchen. During the day, Rajiv was taken aback when Rakhi made some disparaging remarks about him. She made a sexist remark about the tea being excessively sweet while commenting on it. The drama queen’s remark drew backlash on the internet.

She says, “Chai bhi Meethi aur ye bhi meetha.” Later Rakhi had commented on his spit is all over the food, she said, “Ye thook ke roti banata hai”. When confronted by Umar Riaz afterwards, she claimed that she was not the first to say it. Nishant Bhat was irritated by her behaviour when she was harsh about the kitchen responsibilities. Rajiv, who had lost his cool over Rakhi, told her that he was not a servant and that she should not tell him to do anything. He said, “VIP ho theek hai, lekin orders mat do! Mein naukar nahi hu kisi ka.”

This sparked a heated dispute between the two, during which he confronted her after she claimed Rajiv’s spit was all over the dish. The dispute became so heated that Rakhi began to speak disparaging things about him.

She also demanded that he clean the toilets, to which Rajiv responded appropriately. The producers enlist Rakhi Sawant to help them get the desired TRPs for the show.

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