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Its Entertainment Movie Review

Its entertainment movie review

Its Entertainment is about to hit the theaters tomorrow, directed by Sajid Farhad and produced by Ramesh Taurani. The actors in lead role include Akshay Kumar, Tamannaah, Sonu Sood, Prakash Raj, Krishna Abhishek and Mithun Chakraborty. It is a slapstick comedy movie, which can be enjoyed with family and friends. The lead role of Akhil Lokhande played by Akshay Kumar is seen stepping towards success but often end up getting the failures at the end. He is called the underdog of all the steps he takes up to meet his ends especially support his father who is admitted in a hospital for a medical ailment.

Its Entertainment Review : Script Analysis

During his struggle, he overhears his father saying to a hospital nurse that Akhil is not his son and that he found in a train, while he is in the hospital just to take rest and enjoy his easy life. This really wreck havoc and turns out to be a biggest jolt in Akhil’s life. His father has misused this son in order to get a good compensation from a train accident. Akhil then comes to know about his real father who happens to be among the wealthiest diamond merchant known as Pannalal Johri who has cheated his wife (Akhil’s mother). Akhil is simply overjoyed hearing the same and discloses this news to his best friend called Krishna, however, in return he gets the news that his wealthy father is no more.

Amidst sadness he jumps out of joy on hearing that his father has no heir to claim the property, which will certainly going to make him his official waaris of this late rich man. Akhil soon discloses this secret to his girlfriend’s father who suddenly changes his approach and is seen pampering and buttering him for obvious reasons. Soon Akhil is seen attending his father’s funeral but in the heart he simply hates him since he has betrayed his mom. He is also happy within inside considering the fact that he would be becoming the official waaris soon. However, soon he gets another jolt when he finds out his father has willed all his property and money to his faithful friend who is unfortunately a dog called Entertainment.

As he discloses this fact to his friend Krishna, Akhil gets an advice to kill the dog since this animal of living an easy and luxurious life compelling Akhil to live a life of a Dog.  Soon the duo is seen chalking out a plan to kill the dog, hence Akhil is seen coaxing the family lawyer to give any job at his father’s home. Soon the lawyer gives Akhil the role of a caretaker of this dog. Now Akhil and his friend has a plan to kill the dog in such a manner that the killing should appear like an accident, however, the animal is too smart to nullify their efforts. As you know human beings are known to have five senses whereas the Dogs have additional one, which makes the animal nullify all the conspiracies of Akhil and his friends. Every plan they hatch they end up messing up things really bad.

Amidst all this, you have the entry of two villains who are the far off relatives of Pannalal called Karan Arjun. They embark with certain wicked pangs in order to get the wealth of Pannalal even before Akhil realises about their real intention. The duo brothers consider Akhil to be the bigger enemy than the dog who is merely going to live not more than 10 to 12 years. Soon, you would find conspiracies are being hatched up the two groups. At one end you have Akhil and his friend trying to kill the dog, while on the other side the brothers Karan and Arjun are hatching plans to kill Akhil and his friend. Amidst all this affair, Dog becomes the survivor when he finds the duo brothers almost killing Akhil and his friend.

Another jolt for Akhil and this time its emotional when he turns good friend to the dog leaving behind his insane intention. Akhil soon ask forgiveness to dog and then finally returns to his place, however, the other party (the brothers) are seen presenting a document in the court to own the dog and the property. Soon the dog is thrown on the road while you see the entry of Akhil and his friend to save the poor animal and take revenge from these bad guys. So, what next is interesting to watch in the movie, who wins, Akhil and the Dog or the two bad brothers are successful in their plans, try catching out in the theaters.

Its Entertainment Review Last Words :

As far as the script is concerned, it has a different appeal and look, which gives enough power to the film to prosper over the Box Office. No doubt the star value of Akshay Kumar is certainly going to work out for the movie. His comic sense and good piece of action along with power packed comedy of Krishna, the same guy who is popular cracking jokes and punches over Sony TV’s famous program called Comedy Circus can work wonder. Performance wise, Akshay and Krishna are incredible and similar is the story with other people like Johny Lever, Mithun Chakravarty and Tammannah. All in all the movie sounds to be a good comedy circus, which Akshay, Krishna and Johnny Lever together have created in the movie. Perhaps there certain hot songs as well, with Tammannah going a bit sensual adding another reason to watch the movie. Above all, the incredible performance from the Dog is too interesting to watch.

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