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“It took 27 years for my dad to talk to me about my movie career”, Sushmita Sen on Aarya 2

Sushmita Sen is one of the most versatile actresses of all time and the diva has been part of the popular show ‘Aarya’ since season 1 which has been directed by ‘Neerja’ fame director Ram Madhvani and is a story set against a Rajasthan backdrop. It is reportedly a remake of the Dutch series ‘Penoza’. Sushmita Sen was seen playing the lead role in the show and the first season of the show was a big hit amongst the audience.

Even the second season of the show has received a tremendous amount of appreciation from the audience. And now even Salman Khan has heaped praises on Sushmita.

In a recent interview, Sushmita revealed the similarities between Aarya and Sushmita. One parallel I could draw between Aarya and Sushmita is that both of you are. Talking about the same Sushmita said, “I am a human being and especially when you have a long period of time when things just keep going wrong and you have no relief in middle, just like Aarya. There are moments like this in real life as well, I am sure for everyone, me included. One of the interesting things you said was about the work and family life balance . Actually, that balance is not a balance. The work and family life, all of it is life. So the balance actually has to come from within, and so when you have that, be it friends, family, finance, work, society, everything fall into a balance because you are balanced inside. When you go through such difficult moments with yourself, you strike that balance inside, and everything outside falls in place. That’s how I live as Sushmita”.

Talking about her family’s reaction, Sushmita said, “My kids are my biggest fans. Younger one Alisah is also my biggest critic so it is very difficult to impress her. She is very impressed with this season. In the previous one, she felt like she wanted me to get up and fight faster. Because she feels Aarya is me. That’s her. Renee loved it. My mom just binge-watched with me and it was beautiful”.

Sushmita further added, “My father actually, his reaction had me in tears. He was all choked up when he called me from Kolkata and said that he was very proud of me. For me, its been a big thing because my father never wanted me to be a part of the film industry. In the 90s, it wasn’t the best place to be. I had always told him that I would do it with respect and make him proud. Just give me a chance to explore the opportunity for myself. It took 27 years for my dad to talk to me about my movie career. It meant everything for me.


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