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It is surely ‘Mismatched’

Mismatched – Review

‘Mismatched’ launched Netflix originals is a sweet and technical rom-com for today’s generation. The plot is old school but it is tried to project in a fresh and vibrant manner.

The story begins with a young 17-year-old Rajsthani Shekawat boy who even in these fast track love times is fascinated by the old school love. Rishi believes true love is meeting up with a girl at an early age and spending their whole life together like his grandparents. He resents his parent’s marriage that married in their 30’s and ended up divorcing. Well, then there is a mismatched girl living in far land Ambala, Dimple. A 16 year something girl, who is ultramodern and obsessed with gaming. She is ambitious and wants to create a unique App and set-up a successful career. The twist her mother only wants to get her married as soon as possible.

Both the families set-up their kids through a summer technical course in Jaipur.  The boy tries to woo the girl and so on. The story further revolves around them and their friends.

The storyline is weak and unrealistic. Who can believe about marrying at such a young age? Is there really that big online gaming championships? It is really hard to believe. All in all, it is a relaxed watch.

The chemistry between Rishi and Dimple creates a stir. There are too many characters and stories running together. The number of episodes has not justified them. There could be more. With the change of narrator in every episode, it gets confusing for the viewers to connect with the story. It is not just a love story but yes a gaming love story. At the end of the season, the questions are left unanswered. Yes! It indicates that there will be another season. Well, the question stays will this young love overcome all obstructions and come together. Will they find their way back? It’s you to find out. The ‘Mismatched’ is streaming on Netflix.

The cast includes Prajakta Koli, Rohit Saraf, Rannvijay Singh, Vihaan Samat, Taaruk Raina and others. It is created by Akarsh Khurana

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