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Ishq Subhan Allah


Ishq Subhan Allah

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Ishq Subhan Allah TV Show


Star Cast – Adnan Khan, Eisha Singh, Kanika Mann, Gunn Kansara, and Vinay Jain

Genre – Drama

Studio – Creative Eye Limited

Channel – Zee TV

Release Date – 14th March 2018

Synopsis: The TV show called ‘Ishq Subhan Allah’ happens to be an upcoming TV serial which is going to hit the screens of Zee TV soon on 14th March 2018. The show is produced by Dheeraj Kumar under his own banner called Creative Eye Limited. The TV show happens to be of drama genre, while it will be aired from Monday to Friday sharp at the prime time of 10 pm on Zee TV. The TV show has an interesting star cast, which include Adnan Khan as Kabeer, Eisha Singh as Zara along with others like Kanika Mann, Gunn Kansara and Vinay Jain. The makers have released the promos seen on the TV channel, which is gaining good buzz in the media.

The TV show is made at the backdrop of Lucknow, which showcases the life of Kabeer and Zara who happen to be a sincere followers of Islam. However, they are known to interpret the Quran in a very different way. While Kabeer is playing the character of a Maulvi who happen to widely followed, by the traditional moral ethical code of conduct that are seen prescribed by the Shariah Board. On the other side, we have Zara happens to be  an educated young woman who is known to apply various teachings of Islam by logical and liberal way rather than the modern fundamentals of practicality, gender equality, rationality, justice, and fairness. She also believes that the triple Talaq happens to be an un-Islamic act as we do not have the mention of this in the holy book Quran. So, what goes at the end would be interesting to note.

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